if you would like to:  

  1. Conduct program evaluation of multimodal learning across the curriculum with authentic and measurable outcomes,

  2. Develop formative assessments that invite learner participation, provide rich feedback for learning, and foster inquiry,

  3. Support student autonomy and better prepare learners to be agile problem-solvers, or

  4. Develop communities of practice within school buildings and across the globe through existing expertise of your classroom, building, and district leaders,

Let’s talk about how I can help:

  • Design and develop learning experiences that support problem-solving, divergent thinking, communication, and collaboration.

  • Perform a needs assessment or program evaluation tailored to measure your unique learners and learning goals,

  • Create, implement, and then evaluate authentic assessments that demonstrate learning,

  • Support your local learning community in building a strong network of educators within and across the global village of fellow innovators, experts, and educational change makers.

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